The Washington Institute of Surgical Engineering



A cadaveric bioskills center with complete surgical training and lecture capabilities located in Sterling, Virginia
      - an ideal venue for comprehensive surgical education programs and implantable device development activities.


Surgical Training Suites

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Hands-ons Experience

Procedures performed at a main demonstration table can be viewed from other stations on large video displays throughout the suite.

Two cadaveric surgical labs provide for up to 10 demonstration stations. Our large surgical lab houses 6 stations with large equipment. An additional single station lab is well-suited for product development activities and well as targeted physician training sessions

Lecture Facilities

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Professional Surroundings

Our lecture room holds 3 displays, the largest, 100inches.  Lectures are also and available though A/V displays in our break-out, food service and executive meeting areas.

Our lecture area is a professional venue for didactic learning with state-of-the-art connectivity and visual displays for up to 50 medical professionals.  Comfortable executive seating and easy access to refreshments keep attendees both relaxed and attentive throughout your program.  


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Train surgeons in the Washington DC area without the downtown commute. Surgical training and demonstrations at WISE makes best use of valuable time.

Our Northern Virginia location makes educational events easier to schedule, plan and attend. Our well-appointed Sterling facility is located right outside Washington, DC and minutes from Dulles International Airport.

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Media and Connectivity

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Lecture presentations and live surgical procedures can be displayed on large monitors through the center

WISE offers state-of-the-art connectivity, visual displays & WiFi throughout the center. Our audio-visual system pushes lecture media through displays up to 100" in size. In the surgical labs attendees can view demonstration procedures on monitors throughout the suite


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Save your scrubs. We provide scrubs to all attendees. Change in our two locker rooms.

We supply scrubs, personal protective equipment, gowns, hats, masks, gloves, booties, lead aprons and thyroid shields.


Surgical Instrumentation

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Large Equipment

If you provide your own surgical equipment we have raised loading docks and ample secure storage.

C-arms are onsite. We arrange for special equipment, towers and surgical microscopes. We provide standard instrumentation and can prep custom trays for your procedural requirements.

Professional Surroundings

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Quality Experience

We can help you create a positive and lasting experience for surgeons and other medical professionals

The Center features an executive meeting room, break-out areas, locker rooms & catering and refreshment services allowing surgeons to better capture the value of each educational program.


Meetings and Break-outs

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Event Management

An excellent private meeting room to discuss, plan and manage your program and its logistics during your event.

Our executive meeting room holds up to 10 invitees. An excellent facility for focused training programs and private presentation events.


Contact Us

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Washington Institute of Surgical Engineering
45929 Maries Road
Suite 100
Sterling, Virginia 20166

Phone: 703-444-5007
Fax: 703-444-1174

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